Bull Terrier Clubs
- The Bull Terrier Club of America

- The Bull Terrier Club

- Dutch Bull Terrier Club
- The Golden Triangle Bull Terrier Club

- BTCA Bull Terrier Rescue

Find complete pedigrees for just about any Bull Terrier! This site is made possible by Gregory Anderson

General Sites
- Apprentice Bull Terrier Photo Album
-View pictures of the Apprentice dogs, Barb and Cindy proudly show how we have moved forward with our Action foundation!

- Epiphany Bull Terriers
Chris Hutter's Epiphany Bull Terriers emanate from his Action line and some of the great Bull Terrier lines from Holland and England.

- Bigshot Bull Terriers
Agnes Brouwer our Dutch friend and her lovely dogs.

- The Flying Dog Press
This is a great site with a bunch of useful info for ALL dog owners to use. Their motto is "Dedicated to promoting healthy relationships & human training through a holistic approach to the dog - body, mind & soul" CHECK IT OUT!

- Patsy Ann.com
Learn about the official greeter of Juneau

- Action Natural Pets-Order Flint River Ranch food, as well as other items

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